Massive Evolutions - Dubstep Synths, Basses & FX - Brostep, Trap, Grime Sounds for Kontakt & Massive
Massive Evolutions - Dubstep Synths, Basses & FX - Brostep, Trap, Grime Sounds for Kontakt & Massive

[Massive Evolutions]


For Mac & PC
Mac User should read our FAQ's for installation

  • More than 2.5 Gbyte of Sounds for Kontakt and additional presets for Massive
  • 40 Kontakt Synths or 60 Massive Presets
  • recorded in numerous variations which can be affected by Key-Switches (Kontakt) or pre-programmed Knobs (Massive)
  • Heavy & wobbling Synth Basses, Cutting & Toxic Leads, Arpeggio-Synths, Crank FX


Demo I: Massive Evolutions

Demo II: Massive Evolutions

All synths within the demo songs are from the corresponding libraries only!


These instruments are perfectly programmed for Kontakt so that they can be used intuitively, fast and very comfortable. Thus the biggest & craziest live performances à la Skrillex shouldn't be a problem any more. Change the complete bandwidth of a sound, from sustaining to wobbling (slow, fast, in triplets...) across dark to screaming, you name it, with only a few key switches, so that expensive hardware-controllers with plenty of knobs aren't necessarily required to play these sounds perfectly. For even more freedom - e.g. when it comes to producing in the studio - we additionally included all Massive Presets with its pre-programmed knobs which are controlling numerous of automations.


requires the full version of Kontakt 5 (or above). Massive is recommended to be able to use the additional presets but not necessarily required


DubStep, Trap, Grime, Hip Hop, Electro, Club, Pop



EUR 39.00


~2 GByte

file formats

nmsv, nki, 48kHz, 16Bit



















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top artists
    Patrick Jordan-Patrikios

    Patrick Jordan-Patrikios

    (UK Hit Producer: Leona Lewis, Il Divo)

  • "Yummybeats give me the sounds I need to complete alot of my productions from roll deep album to big pop productions. I can always rely on the sounds"

    Mike Kalombo

    Mike Kalombo (So So Def Producer)

    youtube |

  • "I am feeling these sounds. As soon as i opened the first library pack, i was already impressed. Producers, Yummybeats is the way to go if you need some sort of new sound with new Vibes. Im definitely gonna add these sounds to my collection and definitely use them. Look out for a video shoutout whenever i use these."

    - Klassic

    Paul NZA

    (German Producer)

  • "Hey guys, we're loving your sounds! In most sample libraries you only get a couple of good sounds and the rest is boring, but Yummy Beats sound good all the way. Punchy, clean, dirty, whatever you need. We're looking forward to using them in our new beats..."
  • About Paul NZA / Numarek Music:
    Paul NZA & Marek Pompetzki of Numarek Music are one of the most successful German music production teams. They worked together with notable artists like Sido (German rapper) , Sarah Connor (platinum Pop, Soul, R&B singer) & Stefanie Heinzmann (Pop, Soul, R&B, singer)
    2009 Paul NZA & Marek Pompetzki have been nominated for the ECHO award as most successful producer team.

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