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Updated: 02//2014

Common terms & conditions and customer information in the course of agreements concluded between yummybeats.com | Möhler & Friese GbR - hereafter also called "we", "yummybeats.com" – and the customer – hereafter also called "customer", "you".


1. Scope and common hints

Subjected to individual agreements which have precedence to these terms & conditions only the following terms & conditions are valid for any business relations between you and yummybeats.com in the version used at the time of consent. Terms contrary to these terms stated shall not be applicable except where we explicitly agree in written form.


2. Conclusion of contract

All offers of ours only represent a non-binding invitation to the customer, only to present an offer to buy. The agreement concludes with the sending of the order which coincides with clicking on the Paypal payment confirmation button like the "buy now", or "jetzt bezahlen" button and with accepting the order through us, or by supplying the file(s) for download.

The sole binding contract language is German. This also applies if contracts are also formulated in another contract language other than German. In case of translation/interpretation differences only the German text shall be decisive. Any translation into another language shall solely serve the purpose of better understanding.

There is no right of rescission for goods that are delivered via download (§ 312d Abs. 4 Nr. 1 BGB).


3. License agreement / right of use (samples, sample libraries, loops, etc.)

Our Samples, Sample Libraries, Instruments and Loops are all royalty free. We give you a single, non-transferable, temporary, and spatial unlimited right of use for the acquired Samples, Sample Libraries, Instruments or Loops.

You may play, edit, or use the acquired Samples, Sample Libraries or Loops unconditionally in sync or within any audiovisual productions or compositions and you may copy, distribute, publish, perform or play the Samples, Sample Libraries, Instruments or Loops in public in sync with such productions or compositions.

You are not allowed to share, distribute, broadcast, resell, hire, lend, publish, perform or commercialize individual Samples, Sample Libraries, Loops and the (Kontakt-) Instruments which includes rearranging individual samples of the libraries in parts or completely into new audio-samples, instrument-, sound-libraries, sound-effects, whatsoever. Our products cannot be used in any production(s) or composition(s) for any sound-, instrument- and/or loop libraries whatsoever.

Also it is not allowed to copy, distribute, sell, lend, publish or commercialize any of our tutorials and songs like the tutorial songs as well as their project files. You may only use the songs and their project files for private purpose and to follow our tutorials.


4. Copy right

Our distributed content and the content on our website like the songs and graphics are copy righted. You are obligated to accept and comply with the copy rights.

It is not permitted to to share, copy, distribute, broadcast, redistribute, resell, hire, lend, publish, perform or commercialize any other copy righted content which is not explicitly named in these terms without asking for our explicit permission. Especially concerning our Beats and Demo Beats, Content Demos and the graphical content.


5. Prices, payment & download

The payment takes place via Paypal, an online payment service. Hereby you can currently pay via credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX) or instant transfer. If you are from another country than USA you may have some other payment options. Learn more about Paypal at www.paypal.com or in our FAQ's.

All of our products are delivered in digital form via instant-download. For this you get a personal download-link for every purchased product, which is only valid for a certain time. Your download-links will only be sent when the transaction has been fully completed and we have received the payment to our Paypal account. This happens instantly with the mentioned payment methods above so you will get your download-links immediately after the purchase. You also find a detailed instruction in our FAQ's

If you have chosen a payment method with which your money is not credited to our Paypal account in time (like for example echeque) you will get your download links automatically after the money has been fully transferred to our paypal account. This usually doesn't take longer than 4-5 working days. As long as we haven't sent your download-link(s) you can however cancel your order at any time, without any reason. To do this, simply contact us

With the following payment options you will get your download link(s) instantly: credit card, instant transfer and directly from paypal to paypal (for this you already must have enough money on your paypal account before you do the purchase)

All prices quoted on this website are without VAT according to §19 UstG. Please contact us for more information. After the purchase we automatically send you a an invoice & order confirmation as email. If you need an invoice as pdf, you can contact us and we will send it to you manually.

Concerning problems with our download system and paypal you can contact us at any time and we will send you your download-link(s) manually as soon as possible. Please refer to our FAQ's

6. Right of rescission

There is no right of rescission for goods that are delivered via download (§ 312d Abs. 4 Nr. 1 BGB). All of our products are currently solely sent via download.

End of indoctrination


7. Privacy Policy

As part of the fulfillment of the contract and orders and on every visit on our site we collect data of yours (user data).

We are strictly against any kind of data abuse and unnecessary collection of your data. Thus we ensure that without your permission, we only collect data we need to improve and fulfill our services and contracts and to ensure an error free operation of our website. Thereby we respect the legal regulations and will not give your data away to a third party unles it is necessary to fullfill the contract (suppliers, etc).

You can ask us at any time which data of yours we store. You may also change or to delete your stored data in your profile.

In our privacy policy, you can find further information concerning which data we collect, on every purchase or on every visit to our website and how we use this data.

With the use of this website, you agree to the processing of your data and for the purpose as it is described in our privacy policy.


8. Final provisions

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are exclusively valid, excluding UN Commercial Laws.

In case the buyer is a merchant, legal entity under public law or a federal special fund under public law the place of jurisdiction for both parties shall be Munich, Germany

The legal invalidity of one or more provisions of this contract shall in no way affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

(End of the Terms & Conditions)

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