I cant' find the yummybeats unlock code?!

You get the code directly from our facebook page or google+


The code will automatically be shown inside the "show code" section after you hit the like button. This can take a few seconds. On some mobile devices you may not be able to see the "show code" button! However this direct link should work.



you find the code in our posts history after you add us to your circles and after we have added you back to our circles. Since we have to add you manually it could take a little while, so please be patient. Once you are in our circles the posting with the code should get visible to you.
Note: you still get the code way faster as contacting us directly!


I neither use facebook nor google+

You can also contact us directly and we send you the code. However this can take several working days. It would be very kind, if you still share us on any other social media (like tumblr, twitter etc) in return. Thank you!


Meaning of the icons, file formats, requirements

wav: The sounds are (also) available as wav and for use with any wav compatible DAWs (like Cubase, Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, ProTools,...) as well as hardware and software sampler like Battery, Kontakt, Groove Agent, Machine, MPC,....


Kontakt 5+: Sample based instruments for Kontakt 5+. The full version of Kontakt is required. With the free Kontakt Player our instruments only work in a demo mode (15 minutes each session).


Massive Presets for NI - Massive. Sometimes they are only additionally included. Massive from Native Instruments is required to be able to use the presets.


Sometimes our Libraries contain a combination of different file formats. However not more than ONE third party software is required to use a library without restrictions.

One example: The Massive Evolutions I has been especially developed for Kontakt. However all Synthesizer have been additionally added as Massive Presets. So only Kontakt is required but Massive adds other possibilities.

How to purchase/download the products?

  1. Click on the "add to cart" button.
  2. The product(s) will be shown in the shopping cart on the right
  3. Accept our terms below and check out
  4. You will automatically be directed to PayPal.
  5. Just enter your data or login to your PayPal account and confirm the order. You don't necessarily need to sign up for a PayPal account but we would recommend that, though!
  6. After successful payment you will be automatically directed back to our web site (this can takes up to 30 seconds)
  7. Back on our site you will get your personal download links. Additionally an e-mail with your download links will be sent to your PayPal registered e-Mail address. Furthermore you can download the products in your customer account.


Can I purchase from a country with a different currency (like U.S.A. or Great Britain)?

Of course. If you check out, PayPal automatically converts your currency into EUR. After successful payment you can instantly download your products.

Problems with the download after the payment / Error with the download system

First have a look into your account if the purchased products are listed there. If they aren't or if you don't have any access please use our contact form and send us the following information:

  • Your PayPal e-Mail address (you did the purchase with)
  • Your first and your last name

We will send you the missing product(s) manually via e-Mail as soon as possible (usually within 1-3 working days)

IMPORTANT: we only send you the missing products to your (PayPal) email you did the purchase with. So please make sure that this email works

Installation instructions for Mac user (OSX)

After downloading simply rename the file ending from *.exe to *.rar and you can use your favorite tool to extract/install the files, like UnrarX (free) or Stuffit,... Or simply right-click on the exe and open/extract it with your favorite tool (without renaming it).

Why is that? The installation files are self-extracting rar archives which makes an installation easier on a Win-PC. They are not additionally delivered as *.rar files for Mac User to save web space.
To be more precise: a self-extracting rar only differs by it's header from a standard rar. This precise header is ignored by all unrar tools. So that's why our exe files can still be treated as a normal rar file on any OS.

I didn't get any email after signing up?!

Please make sure that you've entered a valid e-mail address. Also check your spam filter settings and look into your spam folder. If you still didn't receive any confirmation mail, please contact us

I have changed my PayPal e-mail and got a second account with YummyBeats after the purchase!

Our system uses your PayPal e-mail to assign your purchases to your YummyBeats account. This only works when your PayPal e-mail matches your YummyBeats login mail (user name). Otherwise our system simply creates you a new account.


But this is no problem since we can manually merge both of your YummyBeats accounts again. For this just contact us.

Of course you can also keep multiple YummyBeats accounts but it could be possible that you will get some problems especially with upgrades (but nothing that can't be fixed again)!

Do the Demo Beats show the complete content of a library?

No, the Demo Beats only show a small excerpt of a library. Also the content demos are not necessarily showing the complete content because sometimes only the most significant sounds are shown.







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customers also automatically get access after the purchase

top artists
    Patrick Jordan-Patrikios

    Patrick Jordan-Patrikios

    (UK Hit Producer: Leona Lewis, Il Divo)

  • "Yummybeats give me the sounds I need to complete alot of my productions from roll deep album to big pop productions. I can always rely on the sounds"

    Mike Kalombo

    Mike Kalombo (So So Def Producer)

    youtube | mikekalombo.com

  • "I am feeling these sounds. As soon as i opened the first library pack, i was already impressed. Producers, Yummybeats is the way to go if you need some sort of new sound with new Vibes. Im definitely gonna add these sounds to my collection and definitely use them. Look out for a video shoutout whenever i use these."

    - Klassic

    Paul NZA

    (German Producer)

  • "Hey guys, we're loving your sounds! In most sample libraries you only get a couple of good sounds and the rest is boring, but Yummy Beats sound good all the way. Punchy, clean, dirty, whatever you need. We're looking forward to using them in our new beats..."
  • About Paul NZA / Numarek Music:
    Paul NZA & Marek Pompetzki of Numarek Music are one of the most successful German music production teams. They worked together with notable artists like Sido (German rapper) , Sarah Connor (platinum Pop, Soul, R&B singer) & Stefanie Heinzmann (Pop, Soul, R&B, singer)
    2009 Paul NZA & Marek Pompetzki have been nominated for the ECHO award as most successful producer team.